Healthy sitting

Traditional sitting is the new smoking!

On a daily average we spend more than 8 hours sitting incorrectly and unhealthy. As a result of our insufficient movement lifestyle we are not only becoming obese, but we are also suffering from many serious degenerative defects of the spine and musculoskeletal system. This has a massive damaging effect on our health. The sad thing is, that pain scoliosis, muscle shortening, dystrophies and many other health disorders are already common even among school-age children.  

Dynasit® is the trademark for the range of unique designed products for active and healthy sitting. All Dynasit® products are registered medical devices according to the European 93/42/EEC directive. Sitting on Dynasit seat pads you get a at least 5 positive health effects on your body. Let's move while sitting


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Approved medical equipment according to the European 93/42/EEC directive.