Healthy Sitting For Everyone

Traditional sitting is the new smoking!

On a daily average, we spend more than 8 hours sitting incorrectly and unhealthy. As a result of our sedentary lifestyles, we not only become obese but also suffer from many serious degenerative defects of the spine and musculoskeletal system. This significantly impacts our health. Sadly, conditions like scoliosis, muscle shortening, dystrophies, and other health disorders are increasingly common even among school-age children. We've unlocked the secret to healthy sitting. Join us on a transformative journey and sit differently.

Dynasit® represents a range of uniquely designed products for active and healthy sitting. All Dynasit® products are registered medical devices compliant with the European 93/42/EEC directive. Sitting on Dynasit® seat pads provides at least five positive health effects on your body. Let's stay active while seated.


Meet the Dynasit Collection

Experience healthy sitting with our basic inflatable cushion model. Sitting on the Dynasit® LIFE AIR is akin to sitting on a fitness ball but significantly more comfortable and secure. Say goodbye to slipping, falling, or injuries. Plus, the active seating on the Dynasit cushion allows for uninterrupted focus, enabling efficient work. The Dynasit LIFE AIR features a bottom air mesh fabric for enhanced grip on textile-covered chairs. Additionally, special perforations in the air mesh allow for better airflow and ventilation while sitting. By using the Dynasit cushion, you promote healthy and active sitting. Healthy sitting activates abdominal and back muscles and significantly helps with back pain and musculoskeletal issues. Dynamic seating boosts blood circulation, supports better tissue oxygenation, and enhances mental and psychological focus.



Experience the next level of Dynasit® cushion. Dynasit® LIFE PLUS is an upgraded version of the Dynasit® LIFE AIR inflatable orthopaedic seat cushion. The dual chamber inflation system allows the user to set a higher activity level while sitting and thus activate the muscles and other associated health processes in the body more effectively. Stay active and let your muscles work even while seated.


Dynasit® COMFORT cushion has a special added feature, so in addition to the 5 standard positive effects like all products in the Dynasit range, it is also intended for customers with problems with the coccyx and hemorrhoids. In the middle of the product, there is a precisely dimensioned space that does not inflate. The non-inflated area does not create pressure on the coccyx and pelvic floor apparatus, allowing for more comfortable sitting without unpleasant pain. Enjoy comfortable and pain-free sitting.

Dynasit® COMFORT PRO is an innovative version of the Dynasit® COMFORT, maintaining all its original features and benefits. By incorporating a precisely sized cutout in the center of the product, we've enhanced airflow and ventilation, ensuring you stay cool even during more active sitting. Additionally, the backside of the cushion features a massage surface with an anti-slip effect.

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Approved medical equipment according to the European 93/42/EEC directive.

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