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Orthopaedic balance seat cushion for active dynamic sitting Dynasit® COMFORT PRO

is an innovative version of Dynasit® COMFORT inflatable orthopaedic seat cushion. Compared to the COMFORT version, it has added functionalities and better material construction, which provides greater stability and durability higher loads. Extra added funcionality is designed for customers with coccyx and hemorrhoid problems. All the Dynasit cushions are registered medical devices according to the European 93/42/EEC directive. Be active and let your muscles work even while sitting. Read more about healthy active sitting and its benefits.

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Detailed information

Product detailed description

Orthopaedic balance seat cushion for active dynamic sitting Dynasit® COMFORT PRO

Dynasit® COMFORT PRO is an innovative version of Dynasit® COMFORT. It keeps all the same features and effects as the Dynasit® COMFORT version. By cutting out the precisely sized area in the middle of the product we created a comfortable cushion also for people who suffer from vascular diseases (hemorrhoids), coccyx and related pelvic floor problems. Backside of the cushion has a massage surface with anti-slip effect. Dynasit COMFORT PRO is to be inflated by a mini pump which is included in the package.

Dynasit is not recommended for acute inflammatory diseases of the musculoskeletal and nervous system, dizziness. If you have unhealed fractures of the coccyx, spine or pelvis, do not sit on Dynasite!

Instructions for use
Place the Dynasit balance Cushion with the bottom surface on the seat of the chair with the cut-out part facing the knees or the opposite direction, whichever is more comfortable for the user. Recommended inflation height is 5-6cm. When using for healthy sitting purposes, initially sit on a lightly inflated cushion for only 5-10 minutes and repeat 3-5 times a day. The volume of air in the cushion regulates the intensity of the sitting dynamic. Sit on approximately 2/3 of the cushion and slightly straddle your lower limbs. It is recommended to rest your feet on the floor. Sit relaxed and do not struggle to change positions. Do not be concerned if you feel a slight pain in the lower back. This is a positive reaction - a simple muscle fatigue that has not been used to be working out.

Care and maintenance
Do not wash the pillow in the washing machine! The surface is easy to clean with a brush and soap.  Watch out for sharp objects. This could damage the inflatable part of the cushion. Use the cushion in room temperatures from 8-40ºC.

*The colours of the products shown on the customer's display device may in some cases not be identical to the real colours of the delivered products. Variations occur due to different manufacturing parameters and technical settings of the display devices or user-set calibrations.

Additional parameters

Category: Healthy sitting
Warranty: 2 years
Size: 400x350x20mm
Load capacity: up to 120Kg
Usage: indoor
Customisation: full-colour printing
Material: Upper fabric: 100% PES / Thermal insulation layer: high-quality PU foam / Inflatable inner cushion: 100% PVC