How should I store and keep my Dynasit® product?
As Dynasit® products are made of thermoplastic material, the material changes depending on the temperature the products are exposed to. Please do not expose to direct heat, e.g. on a radiator and please keep away from sharp objects. Keep the products in range of temperetuires from 8-40 celsius degree.

How can the products be maintained and cleaned?
Dynasit® manufactured products are made of several combined materials. Do not wash the Dynasit® cushions in the washing machine. Please do not use any cleaning agents containing solvents or corrosive cleaning agents. These can attack the material. Fabric of the seat cushion is easy to clean with a brush and soap. Beware of using sharp objects, they can damage the inflatable insert.

How can I inflate or re-inflate my Dynasit® product?
Please always follow the instructions enclosed with the product, as there are used different types valves in products.
In general the following applies:
Only inflate at room temperature. Before inflation check the recommended inflation height. Too inflated product may cause overstretching and damaging of the material.

Products with traditional rubber valve:

Models Dynasit LIFE, LIFE PLUS and U have an integrated simple classic valve. It is possible to inflate them by mouth. Anyway inflation is recommended using the Mini Pump.

Products with needle valve:
Comes only with Dynasit COMFORT and COMFORT PRO models. 
Dynasit® COMFORT models are inflated via Mini Pump included in packaging. To find and assemble the mini pump, open the cap on the pump handle, take out the needle and screw the needle onto the pump head. This way the pump is ready for use.

How long should I do the exercises?
In the beginning, sit on a slightly inflated cushion for only 5-10 minutes and repeat 3-5 times a day! The volume of air in the cushion regulates the dynamic intensity of the sitting.