Baby cushion

  • reduces pressure on the rectum and pelvic floor and relieves painful hemorrhoids
  • eliminates or reduces spinal and muscular pain resulting from increased body weight
  • strengthens the pelvic floor and thus prevents the occurrence of pregnancy incontinence



  • during childbirth perineal incision often occurs, significantly relieves pain and pressure on the genitals during the sitting
  • accelerates the wound healing process and recovery with less of a need for analgesics
  • prevents infections, inflammation and other postnatal complications
  • shortens hospitalisation time
  • significantly increases comfort when sitting and performing daily routine activities with the baby 


  • assists with feeding and breastfeeding
  • comfortable fixation in a gently inclined position significantly simplifies the food-flow whilefeeding the baby and so prevents also from reflux problems
  • prevents baby from distortion of the posterior part of the skull and rolling over
  • When the baby starts to lift himself up on his arms, the back and abdominal muscles are activated



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Approved medical equipment according to the European 93/42/EEC directive.

made in EU
Made in EU