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6 important health effects

All Dynasit products are developed with help from experts in surgery, gynecology and neurology. Our products are only made with materials certified for use in health care.

Activates upright posture

During the standard static sitting the back goes to bad position C, which is the consequence of many serious health problems. Dynasit acts on the part of pelvis pushing it forward to position the spine to the right shape S. By this Dynasit helps to prevent from scoliosis and functional spine diseases.

Activates abdominal and back muscles

The active sitting strengthens the abdominal, lower back and pelvic floor muscles. The higher tension and activity of muscles in general is leading to more burned calories even while sitting.

Prevents from static overloading

The proper sitting on Dynasit pad prevents static overload of the musculoskeletal system. It reduces the pressure on the intervertebral spaces and thus it also reduces mechanical attrition.

Increases and supports brain activity

Dynamic sitting and more intense blood circulation acts on better oxidization inter alia, brain cells. Increased supply of oxygen to the brain supports psychic activity and thus, concentration.

Activates blood circulation

Active sitting has a significant positive impact on blood circulation. . This leads to a better blood supply to tissues and organs, which generally has a positive impact on the general body condition.

Eliminates pressure on the tailbone

In contrast with classic sitting, it eliminates the pressure on the coccyx, rectum, reproductive organs and bottom part of pelvis.

Produkty Dynasit®
Forget about traditional and unhealthy way of sitting and find out unique effects that active sitting offer to our body. Make your back and abdominal muscles stronger. Start up the blood circulation and relieve the pressure on the intervertebral spaces.
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Dynasit® U
Highly specialized product developed with help of experts from surgery, gynecology and neurology. The shape and dimensions of the dynamic pad is not random and reflects the exact specification of the needs of pregnant women, women just after childbirth
Dynasit® COMFORT
Dynamic pillow Dynasit® COMFORT respect the demands many of our customers with venous diseases as haemorrhoids as well as problems of patients after coccyx injuries. In short, all of the customers to whom the classic sitting causes pain.
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