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Multifunction orthopaedic balance seat cushion for moms and their baby Dynasit® U AIR

Dynasit® U is a special designed inflatable sitting cushion for the future mothers and their baby. It is also a very effective support that reduces painful sitting caused by hemorrhoids and tailbone problems. It still keeps all of the features of the other Dynasit models for active and healthy sitting. The Dynasit U-air has a breathable "mash" bottom layer that makes it more slip-resistant on chairs with a fabric cover. Dynasit U-air is a medical equipment that has been approved and registered according to the European 93/42/EEC directive.. Moms can use it during pregnancy, immediately after childbirth and then up to the baby's 6th month of age and even afterwards in daily life. Enjoy the nice design and benefit from the health effects of the Dynasit U-air. Let your muscles work even while sitting. Read more about healthy active sitting and its benefits.

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Detailed information

made in EU
Made in EU

Product detailed description

Multifunction orthopaedic balance seat cushion for moms and their baby Dynasit® U AIR

Main health effects of Dynasit U AIR

During pregnancy

  • Reduces the risk of hemorrhoids by alleviating pressure on the rectum and pelvic floor.
  • Alleviates or eliminates spinal and muscular pain caused by increased body weight during pregnancy.
  • Strengthens the pelvic floor, reducing the risk of pregnancy-related incontinence post-childbirth.

Immediately after birth

  • after childbirth and cutting of the perineum, it significantly relieves pain and pressure on the genitals during sitting
  • accelerates the process of wound healing and recovery with less need for painkillers
  • prevents inflammatory and other postnatal complications
  • reduces hospitalisation time
  • substantially increases comfort during sitting and daily routine activities with the baby

During the care of a newborn.

  • helps with feeding and breastfeeding
  • comfortable fixation of the baby in a slightly inclined position improves the transit of food and digestion, which prevents the development of reflux conditions
  • take the advantage of positioning the baby, which prevents the baby's head from deformations at back of the head. The cushion also prevents the baby from rolling over
  • when your baby starts to lift himself up on his arms, the back and abdominal muscles are activated. Dynasit® U AIR helps to activate the muscles more smoothly during this period

Dynasit is not recommended for acute inflammatory diseases of the musculoskeletal and nervous system, as well as for dizziness. If you have unhealed fractures of the coccyx, spine, or pelvis, do not sit on Dynasit before consulting with your doctor or physiotherapist.

Instructions for use
Place the Dynasit balance cushion with the bottom surface on the seat of the chair, with the cut-out part facing the knees or in the opposite direction, whichever is more comfortable for the user. The recommended inflation height is 4-5cm. When using for healthy sitting purposes, initially sit on a lightly inflated cushion for only 5-10 minutes and repeat 3-5 times a day. The volume of air in the cushion regulates the intensity of the sitting dynamic. Sit on approximately 2/3 of the cushion and slightly straddle your lower limbs. It is recommended to rest your feet on the floor. Sit relaxed and do not struggle to change positions. Do not be concerned if you feel slight pain in the lower back; this is a positive reaction—a simple muscle fatigue that indicates the muscles are being engaged.

Care and maintenance
Do not wash the cushion in the washing machine. The surface is easy to clean with a brush and soap. Be cautious of sharp objects, as they could damage the inflatable part of the cushion. Use the cushion in room temperatures ranging from 8 to 40ºC.

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Additional parameters

Category: Baby cushion
Warranty: 2 years
Size: 400x350x20mm
Load capacity: up to 120Kg
Usage: indoor
Customisation: full-colour printing
Material: Upper fabric: 100% PES / Thermal insulation layer: high-quality PU foam / Inflatable inner cushion: 100% PVC / Backside: 100% PES Air-mash