How it started

“THIS SHOULD HAVE EVERYBODY” these were the words of my friend Katka, when she saw the inflatable rubber pillow on my table in our office, 6 years ago. We used to produce this pillow many years ago as a part of anti-decubitus rubber portfolio of health service. Katka is physiotherapist, so she could clearly explain to us " what she was thinking" when she said that. She briefly explained us the issue about traditional static sitting and about its terrible effects on our health. And becasue sitting is still more significant part of our lives, as we sit in average more than 8 hours a day, it´s more than actual and also important to learn to sit the right way and healthy. And so this inflatable gadget is due to Katka´s opinion solving the problem. She spoke of it with such a spark that the spark slowly jumped on us. As she left, we started to study this issue and we were still more and more convinced of how important this thesis is and how it closely incident to our lives and health. After that, the intention to make a product for healthy sitting was created. Mathematics was simple. We dispose of technology needed for production and product itself should be significantly beneficial to the consumer. What more can we desire to produce something that makes sense and, moreover, serves our health. Just beautify.

Development and testing

The goal was clear. Make a product that is functional and also attractive. But firstly it had to be functional medical device, that from the point of view of design will not be hided between daily necessities. We needed to realize, it is something that will be constantly in our presence, so it need to delight the eye not bother. Medical devices usually has unattractive design. But we wanted it different. And so began the way the product originated. Endless forms and variants of layouts of shape and form and size to fulfil the functionality, fits under the buttocks of most of population and that also fits to every chair. To determine the material composition was also a hard nut. How to ensure the upper material were nice to touch, load and abrasion proof, and capable to be printed by different designs ? Steam escape and product ventilation have to be ensured so that the user is not sweating during the dynamic sitting. Alfa and omega of the problem was the inflatable insert itself, as the material had to be sufficiently flexible to ensure the dynamic measure needed and at the same time strong enough to carry heavy loads. Endless consultations with physiotherapists, neurologists, gynaecologists and a number of other specialist doctors, a whole range of tests and patient trials under the supervision of doctors were complicated and time consuming tasks. After months of work, we have come to our conclusion and our first product for dynamic sitting has been named FIT VANKUS


We realised more and more how beneficial for human health this product can be. We were stunned by tests results and clinical trials. We did not expect that positive health effects will be so much and will be so significant. We immediately started to use FIT VANKUS in our company and, of course, we gradually started marketing the product. And there was another wave of very positive, sometimes incredible, responses from customers. One of our colleague had a long-term problem with swelling of legs when sitting. After two hours of sitting on a pillow, the problem was absolutely lost! We were surprised mainly when the similar stories started to multiply. And this was the final signal to register the product as a serious medical device in a State Institute of Drug Control (ŠÚKL) and after that to categorise the product at Ministry of Health (see registration documents). These two administrative and time-consuming processes have been mastered, and Fit VANKUS has been granted the status of an official medical device and has been in the healthcare system where it was also prescribed by eight different medical practitioners. Then we decided to protect the product and so we registered the trademark and product design. Size and shape are very crucial to the functionality of the product and therefore the protection of the rights to this design was a necessity. We appreciated this step later.

Creating trademark

Fit vankúš was take on not only in the healthcare but also on the commercial market which make us very pleased. We have continued to work on improvements - from package to its utility properties. We have started in sequence to enter the foreign markets and here we face the difficulty that was a product name itself. It wasn´t international at all. It complicates us the distribution into the foreign countries as we still needed to find some equivalent in foreign languages. We had to have specific variants of packaging and marketing materials for each country. It was also complicated to optimise the website as we worked with n-variant of product name. And so we started to search for a new product name which would not only capture the product but would also be international. The word DYNASIT crossed our minds. Shortcut from English word "dynamic sitting". Immediately we have registered the trademark DYNASIT with European validity. This was the moment when we decided to try to build a mark for healthy products for sitting. We have starter to develop new products, that resulted into line of 4 products for healthy sitting. We have registered again all 4 products at ŠÚKL and some of them have been categorised at Ministry of Health. The distribution work has began. Exhibitions, expert conferences, advertising and advertising, building offices, and lots of other work that we enjoyed.

Our promise

  1. We are a Slovak producer of devices for active healthy sitting marked Dynasit
  2. At Dynasit products we can guarantee functionality and positive impact on human health.
  3. The effects of Dynasit are professionally validated and all Dynasit products are officially registered as a medical devices at State Institute of Drug Control and they are categorised at Ministry of Health of Slovak republic.
  4. For all Dynasit products we provide complete information for our customers
  5. We treat our customers fairly and meet our obligations beyond the law.
  6. We will continue to produce and develop new Dynasit products because we believe that their benefits to our health are crucial.
  7. Complaints are repaired quickly, always objectively, at our expense and to the satisfaction of the customer.
  8. Your opinions, remarks and experiences are important to us. They are the basis for further improvements and upgrades to Dynasit products.
  9. This promise is a commitment to us.