Free from the back pain by long term sitting

Activates upright posture

Activates abdominal and back muscles

Prevents from static overloading

Increases and supports brain activity

Activates blood circulation

Eliminates pressure on the tailbone

Dynasit® LIFE PRO

Dynasit LIFE PRO is a new generation of model LIFE. It keeps all of the features and additionally provides the new one - massage surfice on the back, which also prevents the product from sliping. PRO version is more stable and is made of materials of higher quality. LIFE PRO is to inflate by mini pump. Forget the traditional unhealthy way of sitting and discover the unique effects that new active sitting provides to our body. Strengthen your abdominal and back muscles, start the blood circulation, relieve oppression of the intervertebral space, increase mental activity and stay more concentrated, fix your spine in the correct position and get rid of the pain.


Dynasit® LIFE+

Dynasit LIFE+ is a sophisticated version of the product Dynasit LIFE. A two chamber inflatable system ensures the maximum possible degree of user's sitting comfort. It keeps all the benefits of a healthy dynamic sitting. System of two chambers provides even more gentle dynamic moves to the users. The level of inflation can be adjusted based on user's requirements.