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Relieves back and neck pain

  • Dynasit pillow has a positive effect not only on the spine, but also on the functional defects of the musculoskeletal system.
  • Aching back is an everyday challenge for most of us.
  • Sedentary lifestyle and a lack of movement prevent us from being fit.
  • Dynasit pillow helps in the healthy development of your baby.

Strengthens back muscles

  • Initiates back muscles and blood circulation.
  • Dynasit pillow helps to strengthen slack back muscles, which reduces the load on the spine.
  • A marked strengthening of your back requires the use of Dynasit pillow just a few minutes a day.

Long-term improvement of body posture

  • Helps to maintain upright posture and even load on all muscle groups.
  • Reduces back pain caused by improper sitting.
  • Dynasit pillow reduces the tendency to slouch when sitting.

Strengthens and shapes your body

  • Dynasit pillow initiates muscle activity, which supports burning of calories.
  • Forms your body by activating back muscles.
  • Massages and increases blood in sitting muscles and nearby areas which helps to reduce cellulite.
Dynasit - funkčnost
Dynasit - Proč Dynasit

Why Dynasit

Proven health benefits

  • Dynasit pillow is a clinically-proven product with demonstrable health effects.
  • Dynasit pillow actively contributes to alleviate a number of health conditions that ruin our lives every day.
  • Still sitting demonstrably worsens overall health and may cause serious long-term health consequences.

Healthy sitting on every chair

  • Sit healthily anywhere.
  • Dynasit pillow is easy to carry, and its dimensions fit to any chair.

Affordable investment in your health

  • High health benefits at an affordable price.
  • Price list

Validated and certified efficiency

  • Dynasit pillow has been certified by the Slovak State Institute for Drug Control (ŠÚKL) and approved as a certified medical device with demonstrable health effects.
  • European doctors prescribe Dynasit pillow to their patients as a curative and preventive medical aid.
Dynasit - Design


Attractive design

  • You can choose from designs for both adults and children.

Interior decoration

  • Dynasit pillow fits in any interior.

Advertising media

  • Dynasit pillow is a unique carrier of advertising and promotion of your business.

Great durability

  • Dynasit pillow was tested for heavy loads up to 130 kg.
  • Dynasit pillow was designed to ensure a long service life

Technical solutions

Special design

  • Dynasit pillow contains patented air membranes, which pump air to provide dynamic sitting.
  • See picture of layers

Quality materials and manufacturing

  • Dynasit pillow consists of four functional layers
    1. The top upholstery of 100% mixed polyester fabric is abrasion-resistant and comfortable to the touch.
    2. The second PU layer ensures thermoregulation. It provides ideal distribution of water vapours and air while preventing heat loss.
    3. The third and fourth layer is comprised of a system of air pads and membranes which allow active sitting.
    4. The last layer of PVC is designed to resemble leather (the pattern ensures stability on the smooth surface and prevents penetration of moisture).

Durability and long life

  • High quality materials and production technologies ensure a long product life.
  • Dynasit pillow is easy to clean thanks to its technical design and washable surface.
  • The warranty on Dynasit products is two years.

Mobility and easy handling

  • Inflated Dynasit pillow can be easily folded up and carried anywhere you need.
  • Dynasit pillow can be adjusted individually according to your current health condition and needs.
Dynasit - Technické řešení
Dynasit - Certifikáty


Rehabilitation and preventive aid

  • The efficacy of Dynasit pillow is proven by clinical studies and certified by the Slovak State Institute for Drug Control (ŠÚKL).

Clinically-proven efficacy

  • The product includes a training program developed by doctors and physiotherapists with years of experience with the treatment of spinal and back pain.

Certifikovaná zdravotní pomůcka

  • In Slovakia, Dynasit pillow is fully covered by health insurance as a functional aid..


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    Pompova 4, 617 00 Brno
    Company ID No.: 02516462
    Tax ID No.: CZ02516462
    Phone: +420 606 044 531

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