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Highly specialized product developed with help of experts from surgery, gynecology and neurology. The shape and dimensions of the dynamic pad is not random and reflects the exact specification of the needs of pregnant women, women just after childbirth, people immediately after operation of hemorrhoids and other surgeries in the rectum, external reproductive organs and also people with sore tailbone and pelvis. Tests confirmed that the Dynast U is an effective medical device which eliminates pain while sitting. At most patients even immediately after the operations even more than two thirds, and directly accelerates the healing process, reduces the consumption of medication from pain and significantly helps to return to normal social and working process. Dynamic pad Dynasit U also helps stiffen the muscles of the pelvic floor and all while preserving the effects of a healthy dynamic sitting.


reduces pressure on the coccyx and pelvic floor

Activates upright posture

strengthens the dorsal and abdominal muscles

activates blood circulation activity

zabraňuje statickému preťažovaniu medzistavcových platničiek

Activates mental concentration

  • Universal size - fits every chair
  • The special shape of the Dynasit directs energy through your body
  • weight capacity up to 120 kg
  • Suitable for age 15 and up
  • ideal rate of inflation is 6-8 cm, the possibility of individual adjustment rate dynamics through traditional valve
  • Developed with the assistance of specialists
  • a registered medical device by State Institute of Drug Control in Bratislava súôade Regulation EU Directive 93/42 on medical devices
    A registered medical device in compliance with EU Regulation Directive 93/42 on medical devices.
  • effective prevention of pain, diseases and deformities of the spine
  • During sitting Dynasit provides significant relief for people with coccyx problems, haemorrhoids, venous disease, inflammatory diseases of the rectum and reproductive organs and related pelvic floor problems
  • This is a medically approved device suitable for women who are pregnant or have just given brith.

Dynast is not suitable for acute inflammatory diseases of the musculoskeletal and nervous system such as unhealed fractures in the coccyx, spine or pelvis. For these diagnoses we recommend you consult a specialist doctor.

  • NÁVOD NA POUŽITIE - zo začiatku sedávajte na mierne nafúknutej podložke (5-8 cm) Dynasit, 5 - 10 minút (sedenie na príliš nafúknutej podložke Dynasit môže byť nepohodlné) a opakujte 3 - 5 krát denne! Sadnite si do prvých 2/3 sedacej časti, mierne rozkročte dolné končatiny, chodidlá musia byť celé na podložke. Seďte uvoľnene a nebráňte sa zmenám polôh. Ak budete cítiť mierne nepohodlie v krížovej oblasti, nedajte sa odradiť! Je to pozitívna reakcia, obyčajná svalová horúčka, ktorá je príznakom svalovej aktivity.
  • Care and Maintenance -
    Do not wash Dynasit in the washing machine! Sitting part clean with a brush and soap. Do not sew anything on the Dynasit! This could damage the inflatable part. Beware of sharp objects! Use the product in the temperature range 5-40°C Follow the instructions in the instruction manual of Dynasit.

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