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Dynasit LIFE PRO is a versatile pad for healthy sitting with proven health benefits. Forget the traditional unhealthy way of sitting and discover the unique effects that new active sitting provides to our body. Strengthen your abdominal and back muscles, start the blood circulation, relieve oppression of the intervertebral space, be more alert and concentrated, fix your spine in the correct position and get rid of the pain.


Activates upright posture

strengthens the dorsal and abdominal muscles

activates blood circulation activity

Prevents static overloading

Activates mental concentration

  • universal dimension 40x30 cm, fits on every chair
  • The special shape and the effects of directed energy to the user´s body
  • mini pump for inflating and setting individual rates of dynamic sessions
  • integrated thermal insulation layer preventing sweating with increased dynamics of session
  • Color stable, durable and at the same time nice to touch fabric
  • possibility to turn the pad and use a massaging effect, because the lower part is a system of massage points that prevent from slipping on smooth surfaces
  • capacity up to 150 kg
  • designed for all ages from 5 years
  • ideal rate of inflation is 6-8 cm / 40-50 times push the air into the pad through the pump
  • developed with the assistance of specialists
  • a registered medical device by State Institute of Drug Control in Bratislava in accordance with Regulation EU directives. 93/42 concerning medical devices
  • effective prevention of pain, diseases and deformities of the spine

Dynast is not suitable for acute inflammatory diseases of the musculoskeletal and nervous system with dizziness and unhealed fracture of the coccyx, spine or pelvis. For these diagnoses, and any post-operative conditions should always consult with your medical specialist.


    from the beginning sit on the slightly inflated Dynasit pad (5-8 cm) 5 to 10 minutes (sitting on the too inflated Dynasit pad can be uncomfortable) and repeat 3-5 times a day! Sit in the first 2/3 of the seat, your legs slightly lower legs, feet must be completely on the ground. Sit relaxed and forbid the change of position. If you feel a slight discomfort in the sacral area, do not be discouraged! It's a positive reaction, solid muscle strain, which is a sign of muscle activity.
  • Care and Maintenance -
    Do not wash Dynasit in the washing machine! Sitting part clean with a brush and soap. Do not sew anything on the Dynasit! This could damage the inflatable part. Beware of sharp objects! Use the product in the temperature range 5-40°C Follow the instructions in the instruction manual of Dynasit.

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