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At a dynamic pad COMFORT we take into account the demands of many of our customers with venous diseases such as hemorrhoids, problems of patients after injuries of the coccyx, or in short, all customers whom classic sitting with load on rectum, tailbone and reproductive organs causes a painful problem. Special treatment with ergonomic cut-outs provides comfortable seating even with the problems mentioned above. DYNASIT COMFORT PRO continue retains all the benefits of dynamic sitting. Special treatment is particularly suitable for ladies, because this type of session effectively strengthens the pelvic floor muscles.


reduces pressure on the coccyx and pelvic floor

Activates upright posture

strengthens the dorsal and abdominal muscles

activates blood circulation activity

Prevents static overloading

Activates mental concentration

  • universal size 40x30cm, fits every chair
  • The special shape and the effects of directed energy to the user´s body
  • weight capacity up to 120 kg
  • suitable for all ages from 5 years
  • ideal rate of inflation is 5-6 cm, the possibility of individual adjustment rate dynamics through traditional valve
  • developed with the assistance of specialists
  • a registered medical device by State Institute of Drug Control in Bratislava súôade Regulation EU Directive 93/42 on medical devices
  • effective prevention of pain, diseases and deformities of the spine
  • During sittin it provides significant relief at users with problems coccyx hemorrhoids and venous disease, inflammatory diseases of the rectum and reproductive organs, and related pelvic floor problems

Dynast is not suitable for acute inflammatory diseases of the musculoskeletal and nervous system with dizziness and unhealed fractures, coccyx, spine or pelvis. For these diagnoses, and any postoperatively we recommend you consult a specialist doctor.


    from the beginning sit on the slightly inflated Dynasit pad (5-8 cm) 5 to 10 minutes (sitting on the too inflated Dynasit pad can be uncomfortable) and repeat 3-5 times a day! Sit in the first 2/3 of the seat, your legs slightly lower legs, feet must be completely on the ground. Sit relaxed and forbid the change of position. If you feel a slight discomfort in the sacral area, do not be discouraged! It's a positive reaction, solid muscle strain, which is a sign of muscle activity.
    neperte Dynasit v práčke! Sedaciu časť čistite kefkou a mydlom. Nenašívajte nič na Dynasit! Mohlo by dôjsť k poškodeniu nafukovacej časti. Pozor na ostré predmety! Používajte produkt v rozmedzí teplôt 0-40°C. Dodržiavajte pokyny uvedené v návode na použitie Dynasitu.

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